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Relocate to Qingdao? Maybe you are the first time to be in this wonderful city and do not have any idea about it, especially for the most issue to live here: The Qingdao apartments or Qingdao villas. Based on about 10 years experience in Qingdao, we will introduce some useful info to help the expats to understand Qingdao real estate rental market better.

Rent Prices:
The rent prices of Qingdao aren’t cheap ,this is the feeling for many expats, actually it is the truth, the apartment rent expenses of Qingdao is just lower than Beijing in North of China, but more expensive than other cities in North of China. Unfortunately the rental prices of Qingdao apartments/villas are going up and up, one important reason is the sales prices of the properties are more and more expensive, so the landlord also increase the rent prices of the apartments, specially for some new compounds, the landlords have spent a lot to bought the apartments, so their expectation for the rental prices is also high.

To find a suitable(expats living compound) two bedrooms apartments in Shinan or Laoshan District takes about at least RMB5000 per month, this is only for the net rent, do not include utilities fee, compound management fee and tax etc.


The 99% of agents in Qingdao can’t speak English. Therefore, you need some help if you can not speak Mandarin .Maybe your Chinese friend or colleague can help you to find a agent beside the road. But most of the agents can not speak English and their work is just to rent the apartment out ,but not include tenancy management service, as for local Chinese, it is easy to understand each other’s requirements ,so the landlords and the tenants can communicate smoothly. In case you need any help during the rental term, but you do not speak Chinese or the landlords can not speak English ,then you have to communicate via your Chinese friend or colleague, it is not so convenience at all.

So find a right Qingdao real estate agent who are working with the expats is the most efficient way, you can get the best tenancy management service in town, more than that ,they are more professional to handle all kind of the problem occurred during the rental term, and you do not have to pay more: As the commission fee charged by expats agent is similar with the agent beside the road, so why not find a Qingdao real estate agent who are working for the expats?

Usually the Qingdao apartments are for long term rental:

Most of the Qingdao apartments are only rented for long term, that means more than or equal to one year. It is also possible to find some short term rental apartments, but the rental prices per month is much higher than long term rental, and the choices are limited.

Rent the Qingdao apartment quickly if you like it:

Foreigners in Qingdao are trying to look for decent kitchen and bathroom, western style decoration and furniture, cleanness and so on.But normally the apartments with these characteristics are so rare and easily to be rented out soon (sometimes just within one or two days).Let’s say in this way: In some meaning the Qingdao apartment rental market is a seller’s market.

Rental payment way,deposit and agent fee:

In Qingdao the apartment rent expenses need to be paid by at least every six months, the rent can not be paid by month or every three months, as all the landlords can not accept this payment way.

The deposit normally is equal to the rent of one month, but some landlords will ask for more if the furniture inside the apartment is very expensive. The agent fee is also equal to the rent of one month, except the customers have some tailor made requirements.

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