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Rent an apartment in Huangdao or Qingdao?

By Daniel Xu.

The Huangdao District of Qingdao is developing so quickly in recent years, it’s another name is The west sea new district. There were not so many expats  before, but recently more and more expats are working in Huangdao district, and also there are more and more nice and good quality apartments and villas were built. Living in Huangdao is becoming more and more convenience for the expats who are working in Huangdao.
However, there are still some expats who are willing to find the apartments/villas in Shinan District of Qingdao although they are working in Huangdao.Rent an apartment in Huangdao or Qingdao? It is hard to say, really depend on the situation of the expats. Anyway, below issues need to be considered:
1.      Transportation: There is a undersea tunnel between Shinan District and Huangdao District, normally the expats will choose Olympic Sailing Centre area for living, it takes about 30 minutes from this area to Huangdao, and will take 15 minutes more time to the centre of Huangdao.

2.      Education: There is just one international school in Huangdao, and there are more than 4 international schools in Qingdao.

3.      Apartments: Most of the top quality apartments/villas are in Laoshan or Shinan District of Qingdao, such as below:


And of course the rental prices of the apartments in Shinan District are higher than the rental prices of the apartment in Huangdao.There are also some expats living compounds in Huangdao, which are also with very good quality.
Our company can arrange City orientation service for our customers, so they can have a general idea about the difference between them. Also we will provide tailor made suggestions for our customers.

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