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China- Britain Innovation Industrial Park launched at Qingdao West Coast Area

Qingdao China- Britain Innovation Industrial Park, the first local cooperative industrial park of China and UK, was launched at Qingdao International Economic Cooperative Area (Sino- German Ecopark). With total planned area of 15.1 square kilometers, the industrial park will focus on introduction of such service trade innovative projects from Britain as medical care, technical transfer application, high end manufacturing, creative design and cultural tourism and targets to become an international demonstration platform for local economic and trade cooperation with Britain. 
China- Britain Innovation Industrial Park established its long term development vision from the beginning and plans six functional areas in the industrial park: creative office & life science area, Sino- UK creative exchange center, international living community area, R & D area, innovative industrial area and ecological protection area.
After the launch ceremony, Liverpool City Show and Liverpool enterprises “one-to-one” talk were held. In future, China- Britain Innovation Industrial Park will promote bilateral trade and technical exchanges through cooperation with UK cities like Liverpool and institutions, provide market information and services to the UK enterprises that intend to enter Chinese market and offer overseas investment opportunities and channels to local enterprises in Qingdao

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