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Construction of Qingdao Metro Line 4 goes smoothly

Construction of 21 of the 22 stations of Qingdao Metro Line 4 (Phase I) went smoothly. Construction of Anshan Road Station does not started because of demolition and relocation issue.
The 22 stations of Phase I from the west to the east include People’s Hall Station, Yishui Road Station, Jiangsu Road Station, Taishan Road Station, Changle Road Station, Inner Mongolia Road Station, Haibo Bridge Station, Anshan Road Station, Cuobuling Station, Fuzhou Road Station, Hongshanpo Station, Jinsongsan Road Station, Jinsongsi Road Station, Jinsongqi Road Station, Liaoyangdong Road Station, Lijiaxiazhuang Station, Laoshan S & T City Station, Zhangcun Station, Lizhai Road Station, Jiushuidong Road Station, Jinggang Road Station and Shazikou Station.

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