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Qingdao ranks 4th among Chinese cities attractive for foreign expats

On April 15th, the 15th China International Conference on International Exchange of Professionals was held in Shenzhen. The selection of 2016 Charming China--Top 10 Most Attractive Chinese Cities for Foreign Professionals was unveiled in the conference. Qingdao ranks 4th next to Shanghai, Beijing and Hangzhou, the best performance ever. This is the 6th consecutive year Qingdao appears on the ranking list.

As the only “ranking list of Chinese cities” targeting on talent and intelligence introduction utterly participated and selected by foreign professionals and organized by Chinese Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs, this selection activity has been held for 7 times since 2010. Among 18 sub-items of 4 major items for the selection, many indicators of Qingdao scored high including human settlement and natural environment, working and entrepreneurial environment, working quality of governmental affairs administrators, supportive policies for entrepreneurship, urban development planning, urban inclusiveness and public social civilization. Its human settlement and natural environment performs well and scores only next to Shanghai. The score of its public social civilization ranks 3rd. Li Lili


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